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Quickies | Our weekly Facebook “Live” designed to give you the best experiential and evidence-based information in a short amount of time. Pop around and find the topics that interest you best. Join us every Thursday at 12:15p on our Facebook page so you can be a part of our conversation- LIVE!

About Andrea & Quickies

Andrea Talks QuickiesAndrea Shandri, M.Ed, CD(DONA), CCCE, SBD is owner of Iowa Doula Agency. She has been a doula for six years and is currently focusing on running the agency. Click on her picture for a more detailed bio!

Our weekly Quickies started with a desire to have active, weekly engagement on our Facebook page. Considering it a digital blog, Andrea uses it to answer viewer questions, explain topics more in depth, and to give suggestions for even those pregnant families who choose not to hire a doula.