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My husband and I have four beautiful children that share our name and many more that share our hearts through foster care. My husband and I have been married since 2006. He is an amazing man that beautifully supports our children and myself. He encouraged me to pursue my passions of empowering, educating and supporting women by becoming a birth doula.
Growing up I spent quite a bit of my high school life living in Taiwan with my grandparents. They’ve had an orphanage there since the 1960s where I lived and volunteered. While living in Taiwan I became very passionate about the single women who are going through the birth and adoption process alone. That season of my life is what placed the spark in my heart. After five pregnancies and three births I became even more passionate as I had both amazing and traumatic birth experiences. I decided I wanted to be someone who made a change in our birth community.
Now that I’ve attended more than 105 births, ranging from home births to C-sections, I’m even more in love with my “job”. I love to see moms and dads go through their birth experience confident and empowered. I’m so honored to be a part of this incredibly vulnerable but beautiful journey with my clients.
I have the blessing to continually be involved with the life ministries that originally created the spark in my heart. I am able to do this by fostering teen moms, working with multiple pregnancy centers and young mom programs in Central Iowa. I get to walk life with some amazing women and men.
“Every birth is different, and every woman’s telling of her story will be unique.”
“Just as the body knows full well how to make this baby, the body also knows how to birth this baby”.
These quotes very accurately describe my birth philosophy. I promise to my clients do everything in my power to make them feel loved, confident, educated and empowered in their ideal birth. No matter what that looks like for them! Women are strong, and my desire is for them to know and feel that God given strength.