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I am an RN, mother of 3, and grandmother of 7. I had a 4-hour labor, un-clean delivery with my son by an OB Dr. I had never met. I had a 45-minute labor with my Family Practice Dr. with my daughter that was awesome. I had fertility problems with my third child and an un-satisfactory delivery with an OB. I had no doula or pain meds with my deliveries. So I bring that personal experience and the want to help other women not experience what I did.

I breast fed my first and third child but was forced to bottle feed my second because of poor advice from medical professionals. I am not currently a certified breast- feeding consultant, but have attended many conferences and CEU’s for my nursing license.

I am an RN. I worked in Public Health with maternal child home care, education, high-risk clients, and postpartum depression screening and referral. I was also the SIDS follow–up for our agency and I wrote my college research paper on SIDS. I did my independent study on Broadlawns maternity ward. I worked with students from Grandview and Mercy Colleges as the coordinator for their MCH in the community rotations managing the caseload of pregnant and postpartum women and children. I also carried my own caseload, which included antepartum care, newborn assessment care, and postpartum care.

I have three highly sensitive children (If you are not familiar with what this means check this website http://hsperson.com/). 5 of my 7 grandchildren are also highly sensitive. I am latex sensitive and gluten intolerant. These three journeys have provided me with a lot of nutritional information as well as the understanding that each person is so unique that their labor experience needs to be tailored to needs. I have walked through infertility with my best friend and assisted 2 people with infertility needs. Both my daughters suffer from endometriosis. My older daughter now has triplets. I was there in the delivery room. I too have experienced miscarriage.

Finally, I have done a lot of mission work in Jamaica and Ghana West Africa. Seeing birth and child rearing practices in those settings left me feeling called to be a change agent in our culture. I bring the desire for all women to be in control of the labor and birth experiences and for it to be a positive experience in the eyes, whatever that may be.