We understand that not everyone has the ability to pay for a doula. While valuing the work that doulas do, we know that support can be cost-prohibitive for some families. The importance of the support that a doula provides is one reason why we created our Scholarship Program. We are proud to be the only doula agency in the state of Iowa that breaks down the financial barrier of hiring a doula and we are excited to donate $15 for every contracted client to the fund.

How does it work? Once accepted into the program, the client will have the opportunity to choose the certifying doula she wants to work with. If the doula has that due date available, the contract will be filled out and the client and doula will set up their two to three prenatal meetings. The cost for a certifying doula is normally $475, but funds from the scholarship program will be used to cover that cost. For a list of current certifying doulas, click here!

Wondering how you can donate to this great opportunity? There are two options: As a contracted client, indicate your desired donation on your contract (bottom of intake form) OR donate through our PayPal option by clicking here.


  • Applicants must be pregnant.
  • Applicants must download, fill out, and return the application found below. If there are barriers that would prohibit this, applicants may email or call us at 515-255-5122.
  • Applicants must expect to meet with their doula at least twice. Failure to show up to prenatal meetings may prohibit program completion.