Mission, Values Statement, and Scope of Practice

Iowa Doula Agency works with families to connect professional birth and postpartum doulas who provide emotional, physical, and informational support through pregnancy, birth, and beyond.

Values Statement:

The Iowa Doula Agency will provide doulas who:

  • are free of judgment and provide judgment-free birth information
  • provide exceptional customer service
  • are a source of evidence-based information
  • encourage relationships with client’s care providers, based on mutual trust and respect
  • encourage informed consent throughout their client’s medical care
  • will not practice outside of IDA’s Scope of Practice
  • will foster positive relationships with all care providers
  • will maintain privacy boundaries

Scope of Practice

Doulas from the Iowa Doula Agency will:

  • Provide unbiased information about the birth process, comfort measures, and the general birth environment. This includes providing guidance for birth plans.
  • Refer client to reliable and reputable sources for information that falls outside the knowledge and scope of the doula.
  • Emotionally and physically comfort and support clients (both mom and partner) continuously through labor and provide back up care should she not be able to attend.
  • Offer options for comfort during labor including but not limited to: multiple massage techniques, different labor and pushing positions, heating and cooling relief, and guided breathing or thinking for optimal relaxation. Other means to relaxation and comfort that a doula may provide include suggesting dimmed lighting, quiet music, and limited visitors.
  • During the immediate postpartum period, the doula may provide basic breastfeeding and newborn care support, along with encouragement to make the postpartum period as gentle and supported as possible.
  • It is within the Scope of IDA to empower and uplift our clients so they can feel comfortable enough to ask questions regarding their care. It is the hope of IDA that all women are respected and listened to during their medical care.

Limitation of Practice

Doulas from the Iowa Doula Agency will not:

  • At any time, provide medical advice, opinion, or statements that could be construed as medical advice or opinion.
  • Give information contradictory to the opinion of her medical care provider. Instead, the doula may provide evidence-based information to the client so that she may make an informed decision about her care.
  • Birth: Perform medical tasks, including but not limited to: vaginal or cervical assessments, blood pressure checks, listening to heart tones, or analyzing tocodynamometer readings. Other medical equipment such as IVs, blood pressure cuffs, tocodynamometers, or other monitoring devices should not be touched, unless specific instruction is given by the care provider.
  • Postpartum: Perform medical tasks, including but not limited to: such as fundal or blood pressure checks, bleeding assessments, lip/tongue tie diagnoses, etc
  • Offer breastfeeding support beyond her certification. Proper referrals to lactation consultants will be made.
  • Engage in conduct that would compromise the reputation of herself, Iowa Doula Agency, her certifying body, or the doula community at large.
  • Divulge client information unless necessary for adequately preparing a back up doula.

Iowa Doula Agency was created to expand the market of birth and postpartum doulas to all women who want and need the transformational support they can provide. Offering differently experienced doulas allows pregnant families in Iowa access to a doula that best fits their lifestyle and budget.